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The Internet has done many, many things for us – one of the massive, massive things it has done is, it has given us so much information right at our finger tips. Resources like have so much information on nursing, how to do medical coding and billing, becoming a physician’s aid, information on pharmacy tech work, info on the average dental assistant salary and how much does a dental assistant make, and the list goes on and on.

It’s also given us the opportunity to learn WordPress fast for free and get online within minutes, literally. FSG has a huge guide and videos on how to do so so fast, it’s incredible. Technology has done so much for us.


The truth being, if you’re looking for help with finding a health career, you need not look further than the Internet – well, you need to look at yourself and take into thought and mind what you like doing, but beyond that, when you start your research online, you’ll have everything you need to get the best career path started quickly.

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27 Oct 2013

Locating the Best Nursing Colleges in AZ

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So, you’re in Arizona and you’ve decided to go to nursing school? Great choice and congrats!

Next, you’ll want to look up top nursing colleges in Phoenix online to get an idea of what kinds of schools are around – there are quite a few, so it’s best to compare quotes from many different campuses. You may want to take night classes, go on campus, or even take some of the classes online.

07 Apr 2014

Picking the Right Nursing Career Like a BOSS

This post was put together by Suzy, a YaCoN SyrUP strategist from Gilbert, AZ – she works with many clients on becoming free from their habits that cause weight gain and poor health. She’s teamed up with this Phoenix search marketing company.

Bosses do stuff right; they make right decisions and take right action – but how do bosses do that so well?

Research my friend! If you’re looking to go into a nursing career, choosing the right one is key – skimming through a page like can give you the information and article you need to read through and choose the best career for you.

27 Oct 2013

Sometimes Choosing the Wrong Health Career Can Be Good

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Have you ever noticed that when you choose something wrong or make a wrong decision you end up learning a lot?

It seems like the same thing can be said when making decisions about a career or job – I suppose “wrong” isn’t exactly the right word here, because you could argue that, in making the wrong decision first (or for a little while) was actually the best decision you could have made, making it a “good” decision – why do I say that?

Don’t get me wrong, doing research on a page like is important and should be done up-front, but then again, you have to make a decision to go into nursing or not eventually, right?

27 Oct 2013

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27 Oct 2013
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